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Structure Sensor

The Structure Sensor is the world’s first 3D sensor for mobile devices. It gives mobile devices a new sense – the ability to not just capture the world as two-dimensional images, but to actually understand it in three dimensions.

Unlike previous 3D sensors, which were designed to connect to game consoles and computers, the Structure Sensor has been designed from the ground up to go mobile: compact dimensions, mobile-optimized range, no external power source required for operation, and a precision bracket that lets it quickly and securely attach to an Apple iPad with Lightning connector.

  • Performance:
  • • Depth sensing range: 40cm to 3.5m
  • • Frame rate: 30-60 frames per sec
  • • Resolution: 640x480
  • • Precision: 1% of measured distance
  • • Battery life:
  • – Integrated lithium polymer battery – doesn’t use iPad battery
  • – 3-4 hours of active sensing, 1000+ hours standby
  • Materials & Design:
  • • Anodized aluminium chassis
  • • Chemically-hardened glass surface for durability and a high-quality depth image
  • • Compact dimensions: The smallest 3D sensor on the market with room-scanning range
  • • Blue or Silver color options
  • iPad Attachment Bracket:
  • • Available brackets with Lightning connector for (iPad4, iPad Air2, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display)
  • • Aligns the iPad’s high-res camera with Structure Sensor to allow apps to seamlessly combine color and depth
  • • Precision anodized aluminium latch
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