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23 May 2014, Fri

Hong Kong, 23 May 2014- The Innovative Education Seminar was held on 23 May 2014 at the Baptist Rainbow Primary School. This seminar was organized by the Baptist Rainbow Primary School, which is the first school to install 3D Printing Room in Hong Kong. DTSL was invited to share how 3D printing can boost up children motivation to learn and enhance their creativity.

As the traditional local education system only concentrates on children academic result, therefore, the children lose their passion to learn. Due to this reason, DTSL suggested to impose 3D printing solution at school in order to improve student hands-on ability and eagerness to learn. In addition, the UK Department of Education has announced 3D printing will be added into their standard curriculum, so that the teacher can enrich the content in class and student can design their own 3D model. Beside, Mr. Chu Tsz-Wing, the principal of Baptist Rainbow Primary School has mentioned that the education system in the past caused many people made a wrong choice in their future career and lifestyle, therefore, the innovate curriculum is hardly wait to change the current situation. Moreover, innovation is an attitude but not only a slogan; student should cultivate an interest by daily learning. As soon as the 3D printer becomes part of our life, people are easier to make dream come true and explore different things.

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